Proven step-by-step training on how to go for Umrah every year without breaking the bank

  • Why is Umrah so expensive, especially during Ramadan?
  • Why do they charge so much money and why are hotels so expensive?
  • We will never be able to afford to take the kids during school holidays for Umrah, it is just unaffordable.
  • How can I book cheap hotels and flights for Umrah?
  • How do I find visas?
  • How to do I go from Makkah to Medinah?

These are all questions I receive daily by email from readers of The blog is read by thousands of people every day who want to travel more or perform Umrah. They look at agency prices and they think they will never be able to afford to go.

I know how this feels because I was there just 2 years ago. I really wanted to go for Umrah and experience this spiritual uplifting but I simply couldn’t afford the agency prices.

Then I discovered that we can do Umrah ourselves and I can implement every single trick in my travel books… after all I am the MuslimTravelGirl!

This is when everything changed for me and my husband.

Now that Umrah seems to be within easy reach, I have to admit my challenge is actually not to book Umrah every few months!

It is so much more affordable, not only by using miles and points, which I adore because they save me a ton of money and help me have some amazing experiences, but also just using cash.

Over the past 12 months, I went for Umrah twice. Once in January 2015 for under $500 per person and once in the last 10 nights of Ramadan in a super luxurious business class flights and 5 star hotels near the Kabah. If I were to pay cash it would cost me the grand total (and unaffordable) of $20,000, compared to the mere $3,000 I paid all in.

On our way for Umrah in the last 10 style

I have helped hundreds of people book Umrah through my consultancy and my e-book Umrah under $300. These people have saved an average of $2,000 per couple and made their dreams a reality. Some even more than once!

The crazy part?

You can do this too! It is just knowing where to look and how to book. You can perform Umrah every year with a saving of $3,000, and if you are even savvier you can do it for as little as $500 per person.

And I am not talking about 2, 3 or no star hotels but rather 4 or 5 star hotels which are only steps away from the Kabah.

Yep this is what DIY Umrah a la MuslimTravelGirl looks like… 😉

Who Am I ?

If you don’t know me, I’m Elena Nikolova. I am addicted to travelling and finding awesome deals.

I am also the Founder of - the leading Muslim-friendly blog which helps Muslims travel the world without breaking the bank.

Muslim Travel Girl is read by thousands of people a month who want to travel and explore what Allah swt has created on this beautiful earth.

I share travel tips, Muslim friendly destinations and Umrah saving tips. I work with some of the most amazing Muslim organisations and I have been interviewed by various media outlets over the past years.

Below is me speaking at the World Halal Travel Summit in Abu Dhabi with some of the most prominent figures in the Halal tourism.

Who I have worked with:

How This DIY Umrah Works

I’ve learned time-tested and proven strategies on how to inexpensively book Umrah for almost half the price of what others charge. This includes every aspect of your Umrah - from flights, to hotels to transport. Different strategies to suit every need. It is the ultimate Umrah blueprint.

  • All the travel strategies that I am sharing have been implemented either by me personally or hundreds of my clients. Flight routes and hotels have also been tried and tested.

  • I have identified the cheapest ways to get to and from Jeddah, from Europe or the USA. These strategies save you thousands of pounds on your flights and your hotels.

  • I have spent more than 2,000 hours writing, researching and talking with people in the industry to help fine tune the options. The Umrah articles on MTG have been viewed almost 100,000 times.

  • These strategies have been tested and proven. But not just on my site. I’ve worked and consulted with some of the biggest names on the Muslim stage.

Moral of the story: This course is based on proven principles and strategies that work. It is broken down into simple, step-by-step guides that allow you to easily walk through each of the phases of planning your Umrah.

Along with the course you will receive a workbook and an easy-to-follow checklist and schedule so that you can methodically implement what you’ve learned. No guesswork. Just follow the blueprint plan.

What Topics Does the Course Cover?

The DIY Umrah Beta course will run over the course of a weekend - 3 hours each on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of March plus a Q&A session on Wednesday the 9th as well.  

This is an intensive but rewarding experience as at the end of it you will be able to practically book your own Umrah straight away. We will cover four topics, each broken down into easy chunks alongside Q&A sessions.

Topic 1

Introduction & Foundation

Everything you need to know before you start planning your Umrah. The options you have to save money and how you can save even more by using loyalty programs.

Topic 2

How to Book Your flights

Everything you need to know to book your flights on the cheap. We will cover topics on best routes for miles and points options as well as the best routes for cheap cash tickets, saving you hundreds of $$ in the process. Even just one plane ticket can save you $200.

Module 3

How to Book Your Hotels

Hotels in Makkah and Medinah are one of the most expensive commodities in the real estate industry. There are not many available and the competition to be close to the Kabah is high, therefore driving prices up. If you have looked for hotels, especially in Ramadan, you know that they are £1,000 per night.

Last year I stayed during the last 10 nights and my bill was approximately £5,000. However, I only paid £500!! True story.

This is exactly what i will show you how to do in this course, not only for one hotel but for many of the 5 star properties in Makkah, even the brand new hotels who will open in 2016 and 2017.

Also if you start the course you will still have some time to book Umrah in Ramadan, slashing hotel prices. It’s a no brainer.


Module 4

Visa & Transportation

One of the reasons why people think they can’t do a DIY Umrah is because of the practicalities. I will provide you with everything you need to know on booking Umrah, agents and transportation to and from Makkah. It just makes life a lot easier.

This course is a blueprint and a step by step guide you can use every time you want to book Umrah. This is practically everything I use for my own Umrah so…


As a bonus I will book with you my own Umrah to show you exactly the steps and plans I will make to book it. You can even follow along and book your own if you want at the same time.


Class Details: Here Is What You Will Get

This is a beta course and not open to the public, only my mailing list has access to this first time opportunity.

Here is what your course will include:

  • 2 days of 3-hour training ( Saturday and Sunday )
  • One year of free industry & trick updates
  • Step by step workbook
  • 2 live Q&A Sessions with me
  • Course replay
  • Slide presentation downloads
  • Audio downloads
  • Private Facebook community
  • BONUS LIVE CASE STUDY (booking my own Umrah step-by-step)

These tricks will help you book your Umrah not once but multiple times. It is a proven blueprint that you can use every year for your Umrah and even general travel.

How will you watch it? The training is LIVE online over the weekend which means you will receive the most value if you commit to the weekend training. I will be presenting the training live, and answering your questions as well. 

Each session will last approximately 3 hours.

If you cannot make it for the full weekend do not worry.

You will still receive the recording and have the opportunity for an extra Q & A during the week.

Course Dates



  • Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th, Wednesday 9th March
  • 6pm London GMT
  • 1pm New York
  • 11am Los Angeles

How Much Does it Cost?

The entire DIY Umrah course - all strategies, checklists and planning schedules - are broken into four modules to ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed and can easily and methodically plan your Umrah not once but every year.

The course is worth $3000 but as a beta launch you have the opportunity to access it for $247!

(it will never be this cheap again!)


One off Payment of $247


Note: DIY Umrah Course is currently being pre-sold for a reduced beta price and will be released in March 2016.



If you attend day 1 of the course and you find no benefit you will receive your money back.

NO questions asked.

What People Say!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this really work? +

I am sharing with you my full knowledge of how to book your own DIY Umrah so you don’t have to break the bank every time you visit Makkah.

The course includes tricks and travel tips that I have picked up over the years, which have helped me save £18,000 on my Umrah in Ramadan alone. Plus I did it in full luxury, including business class flights!

I don’t want to learn how to deal with loyalty programs and points - can it still benefit me? +

This course is designed to help you perform a DIY Umrah without breaking the bank. The strategies I share will have both, loyalty programs and not.

I understand not everyone is interested in miles and points, and this is OK. I use them because they save me a ton of money and help me have amazing experiences. However you can still have a DIY Umrah and save $2000 without using miles and points or knowing the details.  

Who is this course for? +

This course is for those who want to perform Umrah for the first time or every year but they cannot afford agency prices. As Umrah can be very expensive, this is a perfect way to perform your religious duty whilst also saving money.

What countries will you cover? +

These strategies work best for North America and the UK, especially the miles and points tricks and flight tricks.

However the hotel tricks work for everyone irrespective of your country of origin, and they alone can save you thousands of pounds per Umrah. The hotels are one of the most expensive commodities in Makkah and Medinah.

Will this course continue to be updated? +

Yes! This will be MuslimTravelGirl’s flagship product and you will receive access to the industry updates and travel tricks I keep finding for a full year. After this you will have the option to keep up your subscription.

I always research and keep up to date with the regulations and deals.

How much more is in the course vs. what you already put out on your blog? +

If the blog is a book, the course is an encyclopedia! Some of the core concepts I've discussed on the blog are in the course.


However, the course goes into MUCH more detail, with case studies, examples, checklists and video tutorials on every single strategy

What if I'm literally starting from step 0? No knowledge. No miles. No tricks +

Not a problem! The course begins as a foundation, building up from there to the most important steps you need. It is an intense course for savvy Muslim travellers.

Can I afford to miss this right now? +

At the end of the day that's a question you have to answer.

If you have money sitting in the bank and you love going for Umrah without minding paying full price then sure.

However, I can tell you that with the strategies in this course you can save $3,000 every time you book your Umrah.

Since this is a blueprint you can use it over and over again, not only for one Umrah per year but Umrah twice a year if you like.


The pricing of this course is the lowest it will ever be because it is a beta course and it helps me iron out any issues. Once it is made available to the general public the price will increase.

Is this actually possible? +


I did it twice last year, once in business class and once under $500 dollars per person. Both strategies and options are available in the course and I will show you both! So you pick the one that suits your family’s needs the most.  

Based on the outline it seems that you have already covered some of it on your blog. +

Good observation.

Think of the blog as an introductory pamphlet and the course as an entire college curriculum.

The blog gives you enough to self direct and have a basic idea on the direction you need.

The course gives you MUCH more detail, many real life examples, provides accountability, implementation checklists and hours of video, showing you exactly what you need to do.

How much time will this take? +

Great question!

The course itself is being designed as a beta launch hot seat. I will need your full attention for the duration of the course over the two days. This is for your own benefit to learn and implement everything.

As far as implementation, depending on which option you pick (whether it is miles and points or the cash option) you can start booking straight away without breaking the bank.

As a bonus I will be booking my Umrah in March with you live so you can see how this will be done, the route I will take and the hotels where I will stay. You can follow along and book the same steps if you wish!!


This is an amazing opportunity to learn how to perform Umrah every year at the lowest price ever