That #1 Question...


  • Do you struggle to find cheap flights for Umrah or holidays?

  • Do you waste hours looking at 10 websites feeling frustrated and confused?

I have put together an awesome training to help you solve this frustration...

One of the many emails I receive on is from people asking me how to book cheap flights. 

I have literally received hundreds of emails like this in the past 3 years. It is the number one request that people seem to have.

I get it, flights can be very expensive especially for a large family. It can be difficult to plan when just the flight can cost you thousands of pounds.

I have been there.

Seriously Allah created this amazing world for us and we should be proud to be living and exploring it. 

The best thing that happened in the travel industry in my opinion is the creation of low cost airlines. They are Allah’s gift to the Muslim adventurers. 

That’s my take on it.

Finding flights for peanuts and travelling to various cities and countries is amazing. Best thing ever!

The cheapest ticket I ever bought was a £1 flight to Dublin. This is less than the local bus into the city centre.

If you, like me, love to travel but you struggle to find cheap flights, you just don’t know where to start or where to look or how to look ...well I have you covered.

I created this awesome Low Cost Airline Guide with some of the best airlines to help you travel for less EVERYWHERE…


Whether you want to go for Umrah, a family holiday or even around the world for under $1000! 

It is the most handy guide out there to help you visualise where you can go, the route you can take and how you just search for it. Simple!

Plus to help I have added an extra 30min video training with examples showing you exactly how to use it and where to look in order to find cheap flights!

This is the answer to the eternal question… “Please help me find cheap flights to x, y, z place “

Stop guessing, being frustrated and wasting hours. It is easier to crack the code of cheap low cost airlines if you know how...


Here's What You're Going to Receive

  • SkyScanner Video Training

    The best tool to search and find cheap flights, Explained! I am showing you how to search for the cheapest flights, any time, any dates, anywhere! This is my number one preferred tool and I cannot wait to share it with you.

  • Ultimate Low Cost Airline PDF

    This one is worth it’s weight in gold considering that it has every airline and destination to save you time searching for them. Perfect to explore the world Allah SWT created, go for Umrah or just cheap amazing travel. Endless options..this also includes one of my favourite Umrah routes!

  • Video Training Examples

    I have created two 10min video training examples to help you put the Guide into practise. How exactly you can combine the airlines mentioned in order to fly for less. One example for cheap flights for Umrah including some fun holidays plus an around-the-world flights for under $1000.

You Are Receiving 3 Video Trainings & the PDF Guide for $7.00!

Only $7 -Get Instant Access Now»

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