That #1 Question...


I have put together an awesome training to help you answer this same question...

How to find cheap flights, for Umrah, dream holidays or even travel around the world for under $1000. All with the power of low cost airlines...

They are everywhere and are a great way to explore the world with hundreds of combinations. Cheap flights to Dubai for $150, Umrah flights for $300 and much more.

Anything is possible if you want to fly for less...

Here's What You're Going to Receive

  • SkyScanner Video Training

    The best tool to search and find cheap flights, Explained! I am showing you how to search for the cheapest flights, any time, any dates, anywhere! This is my number one preferred tool and I cannot wait to share it with you.

  • Ultimate Low Cost Airline PDF

    This one is worth it’s weight in gold considering that it has every airline and destination to save you time searching for them. Perfect to explore the world Allah SWT created, go for Umrah or just cheap amazing travel. Endless options..this also includes one of my favourite Umrah routes!

  • Video Training Examples

    I have created two video training examples to help you put the Guide into practise. How exactly you can combine the airlines mentioned in order to fly for less. One example for cheap flights for Umrah including some fun holidays plus an around-the-world flights for under $1000.

Sister Elena has spent thousands of hours researching this subject and is a specialist on the subject of going for Umrah on a budget. There are no similar courses of this nature offered that I know of that can provide the amount of beneficial information that she gives you

Naved, USA

Wow! Elena helped me book my mum’s airfare ticket and save over $1000! Elena has a genuine desire to share her knowledge and help people and she always has her follower’s best interests in mind.

Asiya, UK

Who Am I?

Hello my name is Elena, I am an international speaker, author "Umrah under £300" and the csnapseed-43reator of the leading Western Muslim Friendly Travel blog.

I am the first woman to become a Chartered Islamic Marketer (CIMA) in the UK, and have over seven years of marketing and branding experience. I created the so I can help Muslims explore the world in style without breaking the talk    MLE expo 2-02

My work is featured on Islam Channel, BBC Asian Network, Business Traveler Middle East, Arabian Gazette, Zilzar Life Malaysia and many more. I am also a writer for Sisters Magazine and Ilma Magazine. I am a regular speaker at international conferences covering topics on Muslim travel blogging, social media, Umrah and much more. 

This guide was created to help you travel more for less by using ONE of the best tools we have available...low cost airlines! The guide and the training can help you go for Umrah or for a trips around the world... perfect way to visit as many places as your heart desires.

The PDF alone is worth it's weight in gold since it is a directory of all the flights and routes for amazing trips. Here it is to your Muslim Friendly Travel Experiences

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You Are Receiving 3 Video Trainings & the PDF Guide for $37.00!

Only $37 -Get Instant Access Now»

Peace of Mind

If you buy this training and you find that you cannot safe the amount you paid for it back in your next holiday- get your money back. You have 14 days to watch the videos, view the PDF and if you feel this was of no benefit to you I will refund you, no questions asked! 

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