practical step by step course to saving up to 90% off hotels in makkah & Medina without compromising on quality


Do you ever wonder...

  • How can I book cheap hotels for Umrah?

  • Why do they charge so much money?

  • Why are Umrah hotels so expensive during Ramadan?

  • We will never be able to afford to take the kids during school holidays for Umrah, it is just unaffordable.

Why This Course Rocks

  • Hotels in Makkah and Medinah are one of the most expensive commodities in the real estate industry in the world.  Competition to be close to the Kabah is high, therefore driving prices up. If you have looked for hotels, especially in Ramadan, you know they can be from £1,000+ per night.

  • Last year I stayed during the last 10 nights of Ramadan and my bill was approximately £5,000. However, I only paid £500!! A student of my previous DIY Umrah course stayed during the last 10 nights of Ramadan in 2016 and paid $800 instead of $4,800. A good return on investment 🙂

This is exactly what I will show you how to do in this course, not only for one hotel but for many of the 5 star properties in Makkah, even the brand new hotels which are scheduled to  open in 2017 and 2018.

This is the best and most comprehensive DIY Umrah hotels booking course you will EVER find.


However, the greatest benefit is the spiritual high you have when you are sat next to the kabah without worrying about the distance from your hotel, keeping your wudu, or resting between tawafs or worrying about elderly parents.

What can you achieve with this course

  • Being able to do Umrah every year, even during Ramadan

  • Staying next to the Haram or the Prophet's (s) mosque

  • A proven strategy on saving up to 90% of the normal rate

  • Staying in some of the Best hotels in Makkah & Medina for the price of a 3 star hotel

  • Having flexibility to book refundable hotels as opposed to Non-refundable

  • Options to go VIP: use executive lounge, free breakfast, room upgrades and more.

  • Use the same principles and tricks for other holiday destinations

  • Gain Expert Knowledge in a matter of hours

These strategies will help you to take benefit and book your Umrah hotels on multiple occasions. It is a proven blueprint that you can use every year for your Umrah and even other holidays.

The entire DIY Umrah:Rock Your Hotels course - all strategies, checklists and planning schedules - are broken into three modules to ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed and can easily and methodically be used to plan your Umrah not once but every year.

The course is worth £3,000 but you have the opportunity to access it for only £197!


"This is one of the most useful and helpful seminars that I have ever taken! Her reputation and experience truly shows in this course, Sister Elena has spent thousands of hours researching this subject and is a specialist. There are no similar courses of this nature offered that can provide the amount of beneficial information that she gives you.” 

- Naved, USA

About Elena //MuslimTravelGirl

Elena is an international speaker and the founder of the largest western Muslim-friendly blog on the block! She has featured internationally from British Muslim TV,  Islam Channel, BBC Asian Network, TRT World Turkey, Huffington post and more. Elena regularly speaks at International conferences covering topics on Muslim travel.

Through her website, consultancy and trainings she has helped more than 10,000 people save money on their Umrah. She authored a book on how to perform Umrah under £300 and has helped hundreds of people perform Umrah for less. As an industry expert she knows the travel hacks and tips to make this spiritual journey a reality without breaking the bank.

Elena also holds a MSc in Islamic Finance from Aston University in the UK.

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Structure of the Course

The Course is delivered online via pre-recorded training. It is split in two modules for easy understanding. There are plenty of examples and tips on how to make the most of your course and savings.

  • 2 Modules: First released 3rd of October Second 8th of October
  • 2 Group Live Sessions with Elena after each module
  • Comprehensive Examples
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Workbooks
  • Yearly Updates on All Industry Changes

plus these bonuses

  • BONUS 1: Flight Trick Examples for finding cheaper flights
  • BONUS 2: How to Perform Your Umrah Essentials Guide
  • BONUS 3: Low Cost Training Guide to Umrah
  • BONUS 4: Budgeting Tool for Umrah

Reviews From Happy Clients

I was looking around for a honeymoon package for weeks and a everyone was charging me extortionate prices! I came across MuslimTravelGirl who managed to find me my dream honeymoon £2,000 cheaper than other travel agents!!! It was a miracle for us and we are very very pleased and looking forward to booking with her forever!!! No one can beat this girl! She is the best!!!

Shabnam, UK

"Elena always made an effort to ensure all students regardless of their travel experience fully understood all the topic areas of the course. Having been on Umrah during December 2015 (before attending the course).

I have now booked up again for November 2016 we have booked the same standard of package (hotels, flights and duration) and saved almost £500 per person using only some of the information I picked up from the course so already it's proved to be a great investment. I have no doubt that I will continue to reap the benefits of this extra knowledge from the course Insha Allah."

Asgar, UK

"I have been struggling to meet various Umrah travel agency deals and she was able to find an amazing deal within my budget in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend Elena for her services and 100% trust her."

Sidrah, UK

My first Umrah before taking your advice, we spent about $5000 for a 5 day Umrah.

After i took your course and implemented some of the advice, we spent $4237 for 10 night Umrah plus flights to Dubai and free 4 day Ras al Khaimah Waldorf Astoria trip.

Next Umrah trip we plan to implement more of your advice (and save on flights more too) and in sha Allah we want to spend $3000 for 10 day Umrah plus side trip- in sha Allah!

Iman, USA

No More Sitting On The Fence

  • q-iconWhy only hotels and not full DIY Umrah?

    The world of travel can be very complicated. Yet, the hotel options are the easiest to understand and the most lucrative. You can save thousands of pounds from your hotels alone, this is the reason why i have chosen hotels to give you maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time.

    The second reason is that one of the problems I always have is that my students and readers are located all over the world, every single continent. Therefore flights are personal and specific to the individual and location. Whereas hotels are all based in Makkah/Medina and therefore all the tips and savings apply to everyone.


  • q-iconWhy don’t you offer refunds?

    This course does not offer refunds, due to the nature of the course. I share everything with you from day one. Sadly I have encountered many people who would take the course and the refund, which is unfair as they benefited and saved money.

    In reality this course is worth £3,000 of packed value but the price is such so it’s affordable to many. If you have watched all the videos, paid attention and still find yourself totally unsatisfied that you have not saved the amount you have paid for this  course, then drop me an email and I will be happy to work with you to make you have the best Umrah.

  • q-iconDoes this really works?

    I am sharing with you my full knowledge of how to book your own DIY Umrah hotels so you don’t have to break the bank every time you visit Makkah.

    The course includes tricks and travel tips that I have picked up over the years, which have helped me save £18,000 on my Umrah in Ramadan alone. Plus I did it in full luxury, including business class flights!

  • q-iconCan I Afford to Miss This Right Now?

    At the end of the day that’s a question you have to answer.

    If you have money sitting in the bank and you love going for Umrah without minding paying full price then sure.

    However, I can tell you that with the strategies in this course you can save $3,000 every time you book your Umrah.

    Since this is a blueprint you can use it over and over again, not only for one Umrah per year but Umrah twice a year if you like. The pricing of this course is the possible with the maximum saving.

  • q-iconWhy Get a Course When You Cover A Lot on Your Blog

    Good observation.

    Think of the blog as an introductory pamphlet and the course as an entire college curriculum.

    The blog gives you enough to self direct and have a basic idea on the direction you need. If you have countless hours to spend reading through every single option, testing and planning, you will be able to save some money. 

    The course does this for you and gives you MUCH more detail, many real life examples, provides accountability, implementation checklists and hours of video, showing you exactly what you need to do.

  • q-iconHow Long Does It Take to Complete The Course?

    Great question!

    DIY Umrah: Rock Your Hotels is a two module pre-recorded self paced learning. In total there are over 4+ hours of learning material, including workbooks, examples and bonus flight tips and tricks. You do have the live Q&A with me after each module (dates to be confirmed) but if you don’t have the time to attend you can ask your questions in the Facebook group.

    You can watch them anytime as many times you want.

    As far as implementation, depending on which option you pick (whether it is miles and points or the cash option) you can start booking straight away without breaking the bank. And be ready for the new Umrah season in November 2016!

  • q-iconWho Is This For?

    This course is for everyone. This course is the answer to their requests to have something that can save them money and allow them to go for Umrah every year.

This is an amazing opportunity to learn how to perform Umrah every year at the lowest price ever